Some of our Case Equipment

TLC Services’ Professional-Grade Equipment

To do it all, you have to have it all.

At TLC Services, we own all of our own trucking equipment for every job we do. This way, we can ensure the safety of our team, reliability of our fleet and be the single point of responsibility on every site. Over the three decades we’ve been in business, we saw the needs of our community grow, so we continued to purchase trucks and other equipment necessary to meet that need.
Excavator on trailer
Your trusted excavator in the Southwest Montana region

Excavation & Hydro Excavation Equipment

We’ve completed a range of excavation projects around the state, trusted by business, homeowners alike, as well as Northwestern Energy for their ongoing excavation needs. Whether your job calls for traditional excavation services or hydro excavation, we have a reputation for being safe, efficient and owning all of the equipment necessary on every site.
The experience and equipment for all your septic needs

Septic Service Equipment

TLC’s specialty is septic service. We not only have a staff of trained professionals but also the equipment for every specific service need, big or small. Even our porta-potties come with a promise of weekly sanitation and pumping with equipment we own.
Timely snow removal services in the Gallatin Valley

Snow Removal Equipment

Snow removal is a serious business in Montana. With our unpredictable weather and frequent powder days that sometimes occur well into the summer months, our team is at the ready to move snow so you can go about your business. TLC owns all our own snow removal equipment big and small to handle sidewalks, driveways, streets and retail parking lots. We are trusted by many local retailers to clear their lots so their patrons can park and navigate reliably and safely no matter what time of year it is.

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